Outside Online Print This | Who Pinched My Ride?

Outside Online Print This | Who Pinched My Ride?


It’s Time to Embrace Ski Guiding

Long stigmatized in the United States, wider adoption of guided backcountry skiing will boost knowledge, reduce gatekeeping, and promote human-powered skiing on public lands

Marc Peruzzi
Feb 26, 2021

Winter 101
Winter 101

The Beginner’s Guide to Winter

Dropping temperatures don’t mean you have to stay inside. Consider this your welcome kit to getting after it this season.

Abigail Wise
Dec 22, 2020


6 Easy Ways to Be a Better Skier

You’re never too old—or too good—to brush up on your technique

Heather Hansman
Oct 1, 2020


Upgrade Your Car-Camping Gear for Winter

Stay warm and get outside more during these colder months with smart gear picks

Bryan Rogala
Nov 24, 2020

Stay Warm

A Beginner’s Guide to Staying Warm Outside

Getting outdoors in the winter doesn’t have to be miserable. Here, musher Blair Braverman shares her top ten tips for keeping cozy in frigid temperatures.

Blair Braverman
Dec 10, 2020


How to DIY Skiing’s Most Expensive Cocktails

The mountains aren’t the only things that are steep these days, but you don’t have to spend your life savings on after-ski libations

AC Shilton
Feb 25, 2020


Feb 26, 2021

Stio Colter Down Jacket (Men’s)

This toasty 650-fill puffy is one of our go-to layers for winter crag days: the two-way zipper allows you to flare out the hem over a harness for an easy belay. We prefer the Colter for less aerobic outings, but if you’re working up a sweat, it has pit zips for dumping heat. Bonus: the brushed tricot in the pockets and interior collar provide a boost of comfort in frigid temps.

Long Reads

The Final Descent of Dean Cummings

From the outside, things seemed perfect for the former world extreme skiing champion: he had a family, a successful guiding business, and unending adventure out his front door in Valdez, Alaska. But something dark festered beneath the surface.

Early November 2018, Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado

Davey Pitcher watched the shiny yellow sports car roll through the parking lot and pull up just below his office window at Wolf Creek Ski Area, a small operation in southern Colorado that Pitcher runs. A man with a square jaw and muscular build got out. Pitcher immediately recognized legendary big-mountain skier and heli-ski guide Dean Cummings, his friend of 30 years. The car was packed, like it was being lived in. Cummings walked up the stairs to Pitcher’s office, as he did almost every fall when he came to ski early-season powder.

The ski area wasn’t open yet, but the U.S. Freestyle Moguls Team was training near the summit. Pitcher figured that Cummings, who launched his career with the team in 1991, would be eager to ski with them.

Cummings sat down across from Pitcher’s desk, but before Pitcher could say anything, Cummings dove into a rambling saga centered in Valdez, Alaska, where he’d lived for more than two decades. People’s identities were being taken over, Cummings said. A criminal syndicate involving his wife, Karen, had sabotaged his heli-ski business, H2O Guides, and was trying to kill him. While en route to Wolf Creek, Cummings said, a semitruck had belched poison at him through its exhaust pipe, making his heart race. Taken aback, Pitcher tried to change the subject.

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