Devium Dash

Devium Dash

Uncrate: Devium Dash

We’ve long thought it was stupid to hook up your iPhone to a car stereo that then makes you use its convoluted control system instead of the iPhone itself. Apparently, so did these guys. The Devium Dash ($290-$340) is a new in-dash car stereo that is built around a faceplate made to accomodate an iPhone or iPod touch, securing it in a CNC’d aluminum and plastic cradle while giving you full access to the touchscreen and all your apps. Other features of the Dash include a double-din body, 50W x 4 output with 2 preamp outputs, and your choice of standard aluminum or anodized black or white finishes. Arriving in July.

  • SimpliSafe Home Security

    Cameras, smart locks, entry and motion sensors — the SimpliSafe Home Security System keeps you covered from the inside out. Its collection of devices doesn’t just alert you of an intruder, they also have 24/7 Professional Monitoring that contacts the police. They provide eyewitness accounts including the invader’s whereabouts, if they’re armed, and what they’re up to, so the police can dispatch faster than a non-verified alarm. But their security isn’t only about intruders. The system can also protect your home from other threats like fires, carbon monoxide, and water damage

    As seen in Uncrate Issue 04.

    Presented by SimpliSafe.

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  • Patricks AM1 Anti-Aging Moisturizer

    Taking care of your skin is one of the most important ways to fight the effects of aging. This moisturizer is an essential part of that battle, packed with a powerful combination of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and multi-vitamins to help keep you looking young and healthy. It’s also loaded with active ingredients like green tea, creatine, coffee, and macadamia oil. AM1 moisturizer absorbs quickly into normal to dry skin, leaving behind a silky matte finish that hydrates for 24 hours along with subtle notes of leather and Australian Sandalwood.


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  • Rogue Territory No Time To Die Supply Jacket

    It’s hard to follow the weather when you’re busy chasing villains around the globe. In No Time To Die, the Supply Jacket from Rogue Territory keeps Daniel Craig as James Bond ready for most any conditions. It’s made from 10oz American waxed canvas that’s water-repellent yet not too heavy, with patch handwarmer pockets for chilly days. Details include branded nickel buttons, an interior right chest pocket, exterior welt left chest pocket, and a field tan color that will darken and patina over time. 007 can be seen sporting the jacket as he opens a garage in the first trailer, before revealing the timeless DB5. As with all waxed cottons jackets, it may need a re-waxing a few years down the road to maintain being water repellent. Handmade in Los Angeles, CA.

    Sizing: True to size, sizing up if in doubt.

    Care: Never wash or dry clean. Spot clean sparingly. Re-wax after 2 to 3 years.

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  • Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

    The first step to an exceptional cup of coffee is quality beans. Blue Bottle Coffee has dedicated their business to offering the finest assortment of whole beans, and you don’t even have to leave your house to get them. With their subscription service, the Oakland-based roster delivers the freshest coffee right to your doorstep. Home baristas can customize their shipments by quantity — with four options ranging from 6 to 36 oz increments — and by type, including origin, blends, espresso, or decaf. Subscribers also receive complimentary shipping along with early access to new products and VIP events.

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