Flannery O’Connor, Annie Dillard, and David James Duncan walk into a bar…

…to have a drink with Pierre Teilhard. In 2001-02 I studied Theology at Regent College. There I took a literature course from Dr. Loren Wilkinson. His syllabus listed about a dozen books, including: Everything That Rises Must Converge, For the Time Being, and The Brothers K. Having just now read Duncan’s essay “Assailed: Improvisations in the Key of Cosmology” in […]

The Staves @ The Tractor =(

The Staves are playing a sold out show at The Tractor Tavern on Feb 16 and I don’t have tickets. I’m consoling myself by purchasing more of their music on Amazon. If you have a shot at one of their tour dates, act now: http://www.thestaves.com/splash/tour2017

default routes

When you want to connect a not-Internet-connected router via ethernet to your Ubuntu laptop, but still prefer your laptop’s Wi-Fi connection for Internet routes, you can delete the default route for the ethernet connection: $ /sbin/ip route | awk ‘/default/ { print $3 }’ $ sudo route del default gw ^^ where the 192 […]

Weekend project

I started an inventory of my clothing this weekend. My goal is to be more intentional about the stuff in my life and pare down my belongings. This will require keeping track of the new stuff coming in and sifting through what I already have. I plan to write about each process as I go.

I love wood burning season

From roughly mid-October to March, the primary heating source for our house is a basic woodstove. It’s ironic in a way- we have zoned heating with network connected thermostats for each bedroom and a heat-pump/mini-split for the mainfloor and yet I prefer the oldest heating method known to man: fire. There is just something magical about being in a […]

Cars cost money

I took my 2010 Honda Pilot in for an oil change today…at least, I thought that’s what I was doing. Surprise! The little car brain told the mechanic to tell me that various other transmission and differential fluids needed changing…so, it turns out I spent ~$700 on coffee and car maintenance today. Maybe I should […]