Several People Are Typing

Dad, what was work like before Slack? Formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. Dad! Stop it. Seriously what was it like? Less hurried. More thoughtful. That sounds nice. Can we go back to that? No. We only go forward.

How I use ChromeOS’s linux containers

When you enable “Linux” on ChromeOS, a default Virtual Machine is created (and a default linux container). VM’s are the layer above containers- each VM can house multiple containers. The default VM is named “termina” and once it exists, you can interact with it from crosh (The Chromium OS Shell) using the vmc command. The […]

WP Dev with Docker

I got stuck for a bit today on how to configure a PHP PDO connection in a Docker based WordPress dev env. Here’s the function… When this function connects to a Remote AWS/RDS database, we configure it with a FQD for the $host variable. But, when running the same function locally, within our Docker setup, […]

Regarding an Open Web

I just stumbled across a thing I wrote months ago at work, x-posting here for posterity: I heard a segment recently on NPR’s Here And Now re: Facebook and Google together capturing 80-90% of online advertising. As so many web-based business models hinge on advertising (either directly or indirectly), this allows these two companies to […]

Testing GPX in WP

[lfh-gpx src= title=”Lake_Poway_Trail_Run_w_Katie” color=blue width=5 ]Always good to sneak in a run while on vacation =)[/lfh-gpx]