WP Dev with Docker

I got stuck for a bit today on how to configure a PHP PDO connection in a Docker based WordPress dev env. Here’s the function… When this function connects to a Remote AWS/RDS database, we configure it with a FQD for the $host variable. But, when running the same function locally, within our Docker setup, […]

Regarding an Open Web

I just stumbled across a thing I wrote months ago at work, x-posting here for posterity: I heard a segment recently on NPR’s Here And Now re: Facebook and Google together capturing 80-90% of online advertising. As so many web-based business models hinge on advertising (either directly or indirectly), this allows these two companies to […]

Testing GPX in WP

[lfh-gpx src=https://mark.drovdahl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Lake_Poway_Trail_Run_w_Katie.gpx title=”Lake_Poway_Trail_Run_w_Katie” color=blue width=5 ]Always good to sneak in a run while on vacation =)[/lfh-gpx]

…and two, if by sea

OUTBOUND, ~140 NM from Seattle, WA to Squamish, BC September 11, 6:21am | Google Photos Link September 11, 8:31am | Google Photos Link September 11, 9:12am | Google Photos Link September 11, 10:54am | Google Photos Link September 11, 11:52am | Google Photos Link September 11, 2:48pm | Google Photos Link